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The South African Renewable Energy Business Incubator (SAREBI) will be awarding valuable Master Incubation Classes to deserving local water technology innovators. But unlike a normal competitive hackathon where there are only a few winners, we take a different approach which sees everyone as a potential winner.

We encourage teams to develop Minimum Viable Products and to take a proactive, creative approach to sourcing human resources, material support or funding. As we enter the Anthropocene, the epoch of human impacts, we need to find disruptive new ways of innovating to keep up with the accelerating pace of negative impacts, such as the global freshwater crisis.

Massive online collaboration that creates a global design commons enables us to collectively support each other in nontraditional ways. This new process of tapping into the idling and silo'd resources of the commons is the real prize. We encourage continuation of projects from ideation to prototype or implementation stage.

A great local place to build prototypes in Cape Town is During the June 2018 week long global event, we will showcase all these projects to the community and invite investors to potentially fund promising projects.